U30Bs 846, 847 and 850

U30Bs 846, 847 and 850 at Erie, Pennsylvania on May 19, 1973 (Bill Volkmer)
U30Bs 846, 847 and 850

U30Bs 846, 847 and 850 at Erie, Pennsylvania on May 19, 1973 (Bill Volkmer).

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  1. Chip Walker says:

    “XR” for “Extra Reliability”. Was this a marketing strategy by GE? Why was the “XR” only applied to 846?

  2. Fred Kutilek says:

    It looks like the five locomotives are 846-850; maybe being delivered from GE?

  3. Mark Davidson says:

    Frisco’s U30B 846 locomotive featured special lettering applied by the builder, General Electric (GE). As delivered the special lettering on both sides under the cab introduced its “XR Series”. This marked and stood for the manufacturer’s introduction of its “eXtra Reliability” Series. This included new low pressure electrical cabinets with modular electronic components.

    In addition, this unit marked the construction of GE’s 2,500th “Universal” or “U-series” locomotive. It is interesting to note other Frisco milestones with General Electric. The Frisco owned the first U25B, SLSF 804, a former GE demonstrator, the first production unit, SLSF 800, the first low nose U25B SLSF 812, also a former GE demonstrator, and the last U25B built, SLSF 831. In addition, Frisco owned the first production B30-7, SLSF 863.

    The only other locomotive to feature the special “XR Series” lettering was Louisville and Nashville U30C 1499. In addition to the special lettering, this six-axle unit also featured a unique special paint scheme of gold, white and black.

    This string of locomotives, includes at least two high short end, long hood forward U23B units, number series 3900-3969, for the Southern Railway. These particular units fall within the lower numbers of the Southern units 3905-3914 produced during May and June, 1973.

    Photograph was taken at General Electric’s assembly plant in Erie, Pennsylvania. The locomotives are being picked up for forwarding and delivery to their respective owners. Working at the far end of this string of locomotives are a Penn Central Railroad class N5 caboose and two of its units.

    Hope this helps.



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