Caboose 11710 (Frisco 1735)

Caboose 11710 (Frisco 1735) (location unknown) in July 1982 (Jim Hoops)
Caboose 11710 (Frisco 1735)

Caboose 11710 (Frisco 1735) at Cape Girardeau, Mo in July 1982 (Jim Hoops).

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4 Responses to Caboose 11710 (Frisco 1735)

  1. Ken McElreath says:

    It’s northbound at Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

    Ken McElreath

  2. Christopher Abernathy says:

    Distinctly appears to be downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri with the Mississippi River floodwall just behind.

  3. Chris is absolutely correct. Based on the wall and the lay of the ground, this would be just north of the Frisco (BN) office.

  4. Timothy Cannon says:

    Wow! A Hoops slide! Jim was a great friend and railfan buddy of mine from Steeleville, Illinois. We went all over the midwest chasing trains. Other than being a die-hard Cubs fan, he was one of the greatest. Jim passed away a few years ago due to diabetes complications. No doubt I was with him when he took this photo.

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