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U30B 845

U30B 845 at Tennessee Yard on August 6, 1974.

Location is Memphis, Tennessee.

This is the mechanical department’s diesel service tracks area at Tennessee Yard. The locomotives are sitting on the wash rack track just northwest of the diesel shop. Additional locomotives visible in consist include SD40-2 UP 3135 and SD40 UP 3115. In the distance on the receiving and departure (R&D) yard tracks are several interesting Frisco color coded freight cars. These cars featured routing information indicating “Return to Agent Frisco Railway Memphis Tennessee”.

On the left is a blue SLSF 15500-15574 series (75 cars) 50’6” inside length, 4,828 cubic foot, smooth slab plug door boxcar. These load restraining equipped (XL) cars featured Evans DF-2 (damage free, 2nd generation) belt rails. Note these cars did not have an explanation mark (!) following the slogan “Ship It on the Frisco”. These cars were in assigned service to General Foods Corporation. General Foods products at the time included Post brand cereals including Grape Nuts and Post Toasties, Jell-O, Minute Rice, Log Cabin Syrup, Sanka and Maxwell House coffee and Birdseye brand frozen foods.

To the right are orange SLSF 15000-15099 series (100 cars) 40’6” inside length, 3,898 cubic foot, exterior-post lug door boxcars. They are in special assigned service to Kellogg Company. Memphis is host to one of the company’s cereal products plants just northeast of Frisco’s Yale Yard. Products produced at the plant have included Kellogg’s Corn and Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies Treats and granola clusters. The plant address is 2168 Frisco Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38114.

Also visible in the left photograph is the west signal for the 250’ U-shaped vehicle tunnel underpass beneath the receiving and departure (R&D) tracks. This signal is interlocked to permit one way traffic through the single lane tunnel. Activating the push button at either entrance starts a timer and clears the appropriate signal. Once the signal times out, following or opposing traffic can reactivate the push button for the timer in the desired direction.

This tunnel connects the railroad service road between the mechanical department’s freight car repair-in-place (RIP) and diesel shops. A second similar 60’ tunnel runs under the north lead drill tracks into the yard bowl. It too is a single lane tunnel, though shorter in length, with interlocked vehicle traffic signals. This tunnel accessed the service road between and parallel to the yard bowl and the R&D tracks. Both tunnels are 16 feet in diameter, with a 9 foot wide roadway and include employee pedestrian walkways.

View is looking north.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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