U25Bs 805 and 814

U25Bs 805 and 814 at Springfield, Missouri (date unknown)
U25Bs 805 and 814

U25Bs 805 and 814 at Springfield, Missouri (date unknown).

The train is westbound entering the east end of Springfield Yard. This yard was also known as West Yard or Kansas Avenue Yard. Behind U25B 805, through the bi-level automobile carrier or autorack, one can see the northwest corner of the Springfield Stockyards. The head end locomotive is south of the service tracks area.

The oily track in the foreground is the lead to the east end of the service tracks area and further west the diesel shop. The photograph was taken from the diesel pocket-track. This locomotive longer term storage track is east of the Springfield Diesel Shop. Directly behind the photographer is the east end lead to the West Shops area, Benwood Yard and Clinton Subdivision.

Note the Alco locomotive parked on the diesel pocket track. The distinctive lower railing with hooped end just above the pilot was a common feature on their early locomotives, including Frisco owned models S-2, RS-1 and RS-2. In the distance, through its handrails, can be seen additional locomotives at the service tracks area.

The photograph was taken between early 1965 and late 1967. The earlier date is established by the presence of a locomotive in mandarin orange and white paint. This paint scheme first appeared on U25Bs 802 (repainted on February 14, 1965), and 816 (delivered new on March 12, 1965). The later date is established by the second generation Dodge D Series grills on the pickup trucks (model years 1965-1967). The grills were modified to a different design with the 1968 model year.

The view is looking southwest.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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