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4-8-2 1509

4-8-2 1509 (date and location unknown)
4-8-2 1509

4-8-2 1509 at Tulsa, Oklahoma (date unknown).

The train is crossing bridge 424.7 above the Arkansas River. It is eastbound on the Cherokee Subdivision. On its route it has just passed the flat yard at West Tulsa (MP 425.2). During 1957-1959 this would be rebuilt into a hump yard configuration and renamed Cherokee Yard. The train will soon be arriving at Tulsa Union Depot (MP 423.5).

These are the “new” bridges at this location. The original bridge crossing here consisted of 7 through truss spans on stone piers. These longer span bridges were replaced in order to increase load carrying capacities and clearances.

As seen in this view, the “new” bridges are of deck plate girder design. When these bridges were constructed additional concrete piers were added at intermediate points between the original stone piers. The new shorter deck girders rest on 17 alternating stone and concrete piers. There are 2 parallel bridge spans and tracks over the river. The length of each of the new bridges is 2,807 feet.

The girders made for wonderful advertising space. The lettering indicates “Saint Louis, Kansas City and Texas”, Frisco Lines coonskin, “Memphis, Birmingham and Pensacola”. The photographer is near the Southwest Boulevard street bridge over the the river, downstream of the Frisco’s bridges.

In the distance upstream, above the train, south of the river, is a refinery. Cosden and Company began refining at this location in 1913. In 1925 it became Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation. Their product lines included “Diamond” and “DX” brands.

Mid-Continent merged with Sunray to become Sunray DX in 1955. Another merger in 1968 between this company and Sun Oil formed Sunray Oil Company (Sunoco). The refinery is located north and west of the Frisco’s yard.

This view is looking west.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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U30B 5796 (Frisco 859) and GP38AC 2135 (Frisco 659)

U30B 5796 (Frisco 859) and GP38AC 2135 (Frisco 659) at Springfield, Missouri in March 1981
U30B 5796 (Frisco 859) and GP38AC 2135 (Frisco 659)

U30B 5796 (Frisco 859) and GP38AC 2135 (Frisco 659) at Memphis, Tennessee in March 1981.

This is the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area at Tennessee Yard. On the right is the metal diesel shop with one story shop and storage space addition to its South. Visible are rectangular, downward facing area lights and one of the two silver painted, fixed sand towers at the North end of the service tracks 1, 2 and 3.

The view is looking Northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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