Frisco Servicing

Frisco Servicing (date and location unknown)
Frisco Servicing

Frisco servicing at Springfield, Missouri (date unknown).

The locomotive is parked east of the Springfield Diesel Shop. It is sitting on Shop Track 2. It is adjacent to the load test building, the two story structure beyond the power pole. The load test building cable bridge is in its horizontal position. It is connected to the locomotive’s electrical cabinet below its cab for testing. This facility was used to check and test locomotive electrical systems.

The track to the right of the load box is Shop Track 1. This track was typically used for loading/unloading company service flat cars with traction motors, truck assemblies and wheel sets. These were sent to, and received from, the company’s outlying diesel shops. The overpass in the distance is North Kansas Avenue.

The view is looking east.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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  1. Karl Brand says:

    SY Diesel Shop

  2. Roger Taylor says:

    I was able to get some 8X10’s of the photos used in the 1972 (?) Annual Report, they were the only pictures I could get under $100.00 on eBay…

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