GP7 562

GP7 562 at Springfield, Missouri on November 30, 1964
GP7 562

GP7 562 at Springfield, Missouri on November 30, 1964.

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  1. Christopher Abernathy says:

    A little out of the ordinary for one of the black/gold Geeps to still have its full array of striping as late as November, 1964.

    Any Springfield folk know the precise location of the photo based on the background buildings?

    Best Regards,

    • Paul Bender says:

      My guess ( and this really is just a guess ) is that this is either
      A) at the north yard, with the background buildings being thr backs of some of thr Comercial street businesses, or
      B) somewhete near the depot and south yard (downtown )

      There is a truck in the background at a loading dock on which “Jumping Jack” can be read, perhaps that is a useful clue.


  2. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is Monett, Missouri.

    Image was taken just east of the “new” metal replacement depot, MP 282.0. This is near the west end of the yard, south of the main line. A small diesel locomotive service track area was located just to the east.

    To the right of the locomotive in the distance the white building with the fire escape is located on the northeast corner of 5th Street and Front Street. The building at one time housed retail stores on the first floor and a hotel above on the second floor. Its address is 101-107 5th Street. In earlier times the Railroad Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) building was to the west across 5th Street.

    The locomotive is south of the former Spanish Mission style stucco passenger depot. The Frisco’s depot address was 403 Front Street. Also on the north side of the tracks were other related railroad buildings along Front Street. These once included the Express and Baggage (323), the Mail House (415) and Railroad Claim Office (505). Today the only remaining remnants are three of the former depot’s concrete platforms.

    Monett was an important division terminal and junction on the Frisco. To the east is the Springfield Subdivision (Springfield to Monett). To the west is the Cherokee Subdivision (Monett to Tulsa, Oklahoma). To the south is the Fort Smith Subdivision (Monett to Ft. Smith). In addition, Carthage Subdivision (Pierce City to Neodesha) trains entered the station over the Cherokee Sub from Pierce City, MP 286.9, 4.9 miles to the west.

    View is looking north.

    Hope this helps.



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