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SW9 312

SW9 312 (location unknown) in May 1980
SW9 312

SW9 312 at St. Louis, Missouri in May 1980.

The locomotive is sitting at the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area at Lindenwood Yard. This facility is on the north side of the yard, east of the diesel shop. The sand tower is at the end of the locomotive fuel pad. The locomotive is facing west/southwest.

A number of interesting locomotive details are visible in this view: On the cab these include the whip radio antenna, yellow cab light for identification, upper cab front vent next to the horn, low under floor air filter on the cab front and engineer’s all weather window extension. Lettering on the below cab floor access door specifies the locomotive’s make, model, horsepower and assigned maintenance location. The lettering reads “EMD – SW9 – 1200 HP” on the top line, with “ST. LOUIS, MO” underneath.

On the forward car body hood are the bell with air operated ringer, radiator water fill offset to the far side, 3 hood lift rings positioned along the handrail and the blank capped lower lamp of the headlight. Note the Frisco replaced two doors adding louvers to improve ventilation. These were added near the main generator (door left of the “F”) and air compressor (door with the “C”).

The front pilot also includes an elevated multiple unit step with associated handrail modifications. In this case the drop step is in the up position and the crossover chain is positioned across the end handrail opening for crew safety. To its left is the MU electrical receptacle, crossover step light and associated conduit. There are also added MU fittings and air hoses either side of the coupler near the train line air hose.

Below the frame side sill details include a ground light (below cab), front and rear jacking pads (lettered above “Lift Here”), air tank filter, fuel filler pipe, emergency fuel cut-off switch, fuel tank and main air reservoir tanks with associated piping. Above the front truck are two “L” shaped brackets to hold a re-rail frog. One was not hung on this side of the locomotive in this photograph.

The view is looking south southeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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