GP35 708

GP35 708 at Oklahoma City, OK (date unknown)
GP35 708

GP35 708 at Oklahoma City, OK (date unknown).

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3 Responses to GP35 708

  1. Christopher Abernathy says:

    I forget the exact location, but I believe this is in the Oklahoma City area.

  2. Fred Kutilek says:

    I like the crossing sign:
    Road Crossing Look Out For Cars.

  3. Chris,
    You are right. The train is in Oklahoma City on the main line headed west about to go over S. Santa Fe ave. and under the ATSF main line. The next siding will be Union Station. The spur on the fireman’s side goes to the ATSF interchange and the spur on the engineers side (where the box car is located) goes to Producers COOP. With the re-construction of I-40 that scene is no longer possible.

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