U25B 829

U25B 829 leads a westbound train at the east end of Springfield West yard (date unknown)
U25B 829

U25B 829 leads a westbound train at the east end of Springfield West yard (date unknown).

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  1. Karl Brand says:

    Inbound West Yards, Springfield…..stockyards are the background.

  2. Terry Jankowski says:

    If Karl is correct, then this slide is in backwards as the stockyards were on the north side of the track. With the slide in this position #37 is east bound which is incorrect. I find it interesting to compare this slide with the previous slide of #37 of the war years with this #37 of the modern era. This #37 is the train I was familiar with in the years I worked for the Frisco (1971-1980) when we merged with the BN.

  3. Greg Stout says:

    I don’t know whether this is Springfield or not, but a few years back when I was working on the “Frisco in Color” book, I had all the “FT Collection” Frisco images in my hands to review. I don’t remember seeing very many FT slides taken around Springfield. Frank did most of his Frisco photography around Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

    As a side note, when FT died, his collection passed into the hands of another railfan who told me when they came to retrieve the slides, it took two pickup trucks to haul them away (they were not in trays).

  4. Karl Brand says:

    Stockyards were on the south side of the track in Springfield

  5. Terry Jankowski says:

    Well, I have been corrected, and I apologize for the erroneous information in my previous comment. I don’t know what I am remembering, but I see stock pens in my mind as we crossed over the railroad on Kansas Ave. when we would be taken to the diesel shop to get our engines. They must have been on the south not the north side of the railroad. I have googled the location of the stockyards, which of course is no longer there, and can’t figure out where they were. Karl, what was the address if you know it?

  6. TAG1014 says:

    The Springfield stockyards’ actual street address was in the 1300 block w. chase (65803), if you want to Google it.

    Tom G.

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