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GP38-2 408

GP38-2 408 (location unknown) in June 1974 (Mac Owen)
GP38-2 408

GP38-2 408 at Springfield, Missouri in June 1974 (Mac Owen).

This photograph was taken at the Springfield’s West or Kansas Avenue Yard. The subject locomotive is east of the Springfield Diesel Shop sitting on the engine pocket track. This is east of the Kansas Avenue overpass, northeast of the service tracks area.

The track behind the locomotive, visible at its pilot level, is the lead to the West Shops area, Benwood Yard and the main line of the Clinton Subdivision. The tracks in the foreground are the leads to the east end of the service tracks area and the diesel shop.

The silver tank holds cleaning detergent for the locomotive wash rack on service track two. It is labeled Lix 360 E. This identifies the cleaning detergent brand and solution. The wash rack pump house, electric power poles and transformers sit adjacent to the tank out of view further west.

The diesel locomotive turntable was installed just north of this location beyond the Clinton Subdivision main line. The turntable was moved from Tulsa.

The view is looking north/northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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