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Boxcar 600120

Boxcar 600120 (location unknown) in December 1979 (Bob Dye)
Boxcar 600120

Boxcar 600120 (location unknown) in December 1979 (Bob Dye).

600120 is one of 165 similar exterior post, bulkhead loader, insulated boxcars (XLI) in the series 600000-600164. These cars were constructed by Pacific Car and Foundry (PCF) in November and December 1971.

Exterior features included exposed reinforcing posts, Youngstown 10 foot 6 inch plug doors, Stanray car ends and short four-rung ladders at the car’s corners. The cars were equipped with Keystone 20-inch cushioned underframes. The interior featured Preco adjustable bulkheads to prevent load shifting during transit.

The cars were painted light tan or beige. Car reporting marks, numbers and other lettering was black. They featured an extra large coonskin herald to the right of the plug door. This herald had black lettering and outline with a white interior background.

The primary assignment for cars in this series was hauling beer for the Schlitz Brewing Company. The cars design proved so successful and demand was so high that the railroad ordered an almost identical additional 100 cars. These were delivered in July 1974 in the series 700000-700099.

The view is looking northwest.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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