H-10-44 270

H-10-44 270 at Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 27, 1971 (Jim Wilson)
H-10-44 270

H-10-44 270 at Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 27, 1971 (Jim Wilson).

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  1. Terry Jankowski says:

    Man, this picture is right in my wheel house. My seniority date as a fireman was June 26, 1971. Since this picture is during the day, I was probably sleeping as my first pay trip was job 32 on the 26th at 11:59.

  2. Terry Jankowski says:

    I should have identified this picture in my original post, but I was so taken by the date I didn’t notice the back ground. This unit is the engine that was assigned to switch the DX refinery 24 hours a day. The block building behind the engine was the DX yard office (now just a concrete slab) where a yardmaster and the switch crew would work from. The refinery would call the yardmaster and he would prepare a switch list for the crew(s), and we would proceed to make the appropriate switch. The track barely visible above the right front foot board is the “belt” which ran from the AV main through the refinery to the east side of the refinery and rejoined the railroad parallel to the Cherokee Sub east (timetable direction) of 17th street. The track in the foreground is the AV mainline. The engine is sitting on a storage track on the north side of the main. A little further west we had three storage tracks on the south side of the main. Sure brings back a lot of memories for me. Makes me glad that we have this archive as part of frisco.org.


  3. Frisco.org says:

    Thanks very much for the information Terry!

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