Caboose 1200

Caboose 1200 (date and location unknown)
Caboose 1200

Caboose 1200 (date and location unknown).

The Frisco Archive asks our viewers if anyone has information on the unusual coonskin on this caboose.

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3 Responses to Caboose 1200

  1. Paul Slavens says:

    I have also wondered why it had the unusual coonskin. Also I wonder if anyone knows why this caboose had Rockwell high speed trucks ? I have not seen any others with Rockwell trucks.

  2. Dan Hyde says:

    I am currently away from my ” library”, but I have seen that caboose somewhere else. In one of our photo books like Nick Molos book, or maybe Frisco in color, vol. 1. MYbe some one else can check before I get back from the Scottish Festival in Buffalo, Mo.

  3. Terry Jankowski says:

    On Dr. Condren’s site, caboose # 239 also has this unusual coonskin, although it is located below the cupola. I certainly could have overlooked the 1200 in the books Dan mentioned, but I didn’t see it in either of them or in “Frisco in Color 2”.


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