Track Rehab in Rolla

Discussion in 'Rolla-Lebanon Subdivision' started by palallin, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. palallin

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    As I came to work today, I noticed piles of ties along the RoW near the top of Rolla Hill just west of Coleman cut. My son saw a road-rail truck pulling a few hoppers, I guess (only a guess) of ballast.
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  2. WindsorSpring

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    There have been several trains of track construction equipment on flatcars pass through Kirkwood during the past week. There may be a connection. Keep us posted on what you see.
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  3. palallin

    palallin Member

    Piles of ties now all through Coleman cut and along the tracks all the way to Hwy 63--maybe beyond, but I didn't get that far today.
  4. palallin

    palallin Member

    The gangs have reached us here in Rolla. Piles of new ties are disappearing; piles of ratty old ones appearing. And I do mean RATTY! The work looks overdue.
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  5. meteor910

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    Very glad to see they are continuing to invest in the line! For a while back about ~20 years ago, the old Eastern Division was in jeopardy per my understanding.
    About that time, I sat next to a BNSF operations VP on a flight from Mexico City to Dallas, where he lived. I asked about the old Frisco line and its future. He advised me they value it quite a bit - its normal traffic provided an OK amount of business, but the line is of considerable strategic value if BNSF suffers damage from natural or man-made disasters to their mid-west/south-west routes. Somewhat later, my wife and I drove down to Rolla for a Chemical Engineering Academy meeting. I noticed the BNSF was changing out the Frisco searchlight block signals for a more modern system. I guess the guy was right!
  6. wpmoreland719

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    It's also critical to the mass movement of military equipment to Fort Leonard Wood, even if those moves are infrequent.

    Pat Moreland,
    Wesco, MO
  7. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Pat - True.
  8. palallin

    palallin Member

    #1 Son says track gangs were all lined up on the siding in Rolla about 0600 today getting ready to start continuing moving east.
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