Northern Division ETT 31E, October 6, 1940

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    Northern Div ETT 31E October 6, 1940, Part II

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    I have always thought that the KC Sub suffered from "poor media relations". The St Louis area always seemed to garner the attention of the Frisco fan.

    But, consider this:

    Daily, fourteen First Class trains of the Frisco and tenants MKT and MP plied the rails between KC and Paola, KS. The MKT used the Frisco to gain access to KC, but the MP used the Frisco only for its Colorado-bound passenger trains. Had the MP trains stayed on MP tracks, the St Louis to Colorado trains would need to be turned in KC; the Frisco trackage also provided a more direct route between KC and Paola. Throw in 19 daily freight trains, and that makes for some serious traffic. I would have loved to have been some place between 75th Street and Lenexa to watch and listen to the parade as it attacked the hill to Lenexa.

    Also of note are the Tri-State District branch lines that served that region. Joplin still had four daily passenger trains.

    The Phenix Branch, a remnant of the Leaky Roof, still served the quarry at that hamlet.

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