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NW2 258

NW2 258 (date and location unknown)
NW2 258

NW2 258 at St. Louis, Missouri (date unknown).

The photograph was taken at Lindenwood Yard. This is the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area northeast of the diesel shop. In this view is the facility’s sand tower with its distinctive northeast side two-arm branch.

There are several interesting locomotive details in this view. On top of the cab is a yellow light for identifying its location from a distance. Above the engineer’s side window is a canvas awning shade. Inside the cab the upper portion of the front arched center windows have been painted interior green as a permanent light shield visor.

Hanging on brackets under the cab is a re-rail frog. On each car body side there are modified doors with louvers to better ventilate the main generator, visible to the left of the “F” in Frisco on this side. At the front, below the radiator are an angled crossover grab iron and below it on the deck an added box for flagging supplies (flags and fuses).

The view is looking east.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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NW2 258

NW2 258 (location unknown) in January 1977 (C. Porter Collection)
NW2 258

NW2 258 at Kansas City, Kansas in January 1977 (C. Porter Collection).

The locomotive and crew are switching the south side of the flour mill and elevator of Sunshine Biscuit Company/Cereal Food Processors, Inc. (formed in 1972). The facility address is 56 Silver Street, Kansas City, Kansas. This is about halfway between the north end of Frisco’s Rosedale Yard (Kansas) and 29th Street Interlocking (Missouri).

The west mill and six silos were constructed in 1920. An additional six silos were added to the east of the main complex in 1927. There are two tracks on the north side for grain unloading. An additional two tracks on the south side are for flour loading. According to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps additional former owners include Moore-Lowery Flour Mills Company (1931) and United Mills Company, Incorporated (1957).

The Frisco’s two main tracks at this point are running geographically southwest to northeast on the north side of the complex. To the south is the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad’s Glen Park Yard.

The billboard near the left edge of the photograph stands just beside and south of Interstate Highway 35 at mile post 235.4. This is at the northbound exit for Cambridge Circle. This is located just west of the Kansas/Missouri state line.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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