SD45s 940 and 942, and GP40-2 751

One Response to SD45s 940 and 942, and GP40-2 751 westbound at Thayer, Missouri in December 1979 (Ken McElreath)

  1. Roger Taylor says:

    In the 3rd photo around this spot the caboose crew would be swapping out on the fly at the depot…Once they were on the conductor would radio the head end “Highball BTX” & man that hogger would let her rip, Between here & Koshkonong it was all uphill on 1%+ grade, if you could make this hill without stalling you could make it to Springfield…We stayed at my grandparents house about 3-miles to the north of this photo, right in the middle of Kosh Hill, We could tell when a northbound was leaving Thayer & we could hear them climb the hill all the way to the top just south of Kosh…I sure miss those days…

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