Cliquot, Missouri Depot

Cliquot, Missouri Depot in 1952 (Postcard)
Cliquot, Missouri Depot

Cliquot, Missouri Depot (a former boxcar) in 1952 (Postcard).

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  1. Paul Bender says:

    I’ve seen this photo before, and seeing it today made me think about this in terms of Karl’s father’s field notes that include drawings of Cliqout, and I noticed something I hadn’t seen before.

    The field drawings show a passing siding at Cliquot. In the photo, you can just make out ( in fuzzy detail ) the turnout at the end of the passing siding if you zoom in. ( This would be the north switch at MP146 +20 poles ).

    Also, there is a boxcar on the siding visible in the photo. I saw the shadow of the car on the ground first, but you can make out the dark rectangular shape with a tree sticking out of the top of it on the left edge of the photo.


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