GP35 727

GP35 727 at Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 2, 1980 (Allen Clum)
GP35 727

GP35 727 at Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 2, 1980 (Allen Clum).

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5 Responses to GP35 727

  1. TAG1014 says:

    Too bad the geep 35’s weren’t ever painted in the black and yellow paint scheme. A b/y GP-35 with AlCo trucks would have been really neat!

    Tom G.

    • Paul Bender says:

      The first GP35s ( 700-716.) were painted in black and yellow.

      I personally think those are more interesting, with the roof mounted air reservoirs.


  2. Christopher Abernathy says:

    The truck sideframes are different from what I’m used to seeing on EMD power of this era? I found photos of #725 and #729 that sport the same ones – maybe something different on a later order?

    • Paul Bender says:

      SLSF725-731 rode on trade in trucks from Alco FA and FB units.

      The Frisco GP35 fleet was interesting.

      700-716 had roof mounted air tanks to accomdate a 3000 gallon fuel tank.
      717-724 were normal units, because EMD redesigned the fuel tank so 3000 gallons fit under the unit with the air tanks.
      725-731 rode on Alco trucks. (These had slightly smaller fuel tanks, 2850 gallons, if I remember correctly, to accomodate the extra length of the trucks.)
      and 732 was another normal unit


  3. TAG1014 says:

    The trade-in Alco trucks weren’t used on the first group of geep 35’s.

    Tom G.

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