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GP7s 575 and 597

GP7s 575 and 597 at Kansas City, Missouri in June 1971
GP7s 575 and 597

GP7s 575 and 597 at Neodesha, Kansas in June 1971.

At this point the train is westbound on the Wichita Subdivision. This is near the north end of station’s six track yard. Out of view to the north (left) is the tank car cleaning and repair facility of American Oil. Today the facility is operated by GBW Railcar Services/Watco Company Mechanical. Out of view to the right, on the south side of and parallel to the yard, is Water Plant Road.

In the distance, immediately beyond the east end of the yard, is the gate protecting the railroad crossing at grade with the Missouri Pacific (MP). This diamond crossing is protected with an electric locked gate. Its normal position is against the Frisco.

Further east, just beyond the MP crossing, the Frisco crosses Main Street/U.S. 75 Highway between 11th and 12th Streets. The Frisco’s station is 0.1 of a mile beyond the railroad crossing. This station is the division point between the Carthage Subdivision (west end) and Wichita Subdivision (east end). This is just north of the grain elevator in the distance.

That grain elevator was part of the facilities of the Neodesha Co-Op Association. Today this elevator is operated by Beachner Grain, Inc. It is located at 1004 Mill Street.

The view is looking southeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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